Astrological Research

Astrological research

Astrology is an integral part of Hindu Culture. When we talk about Astrology, Horoscope flashes in our mind. Horoscope Casting and its analysis are two important sections of Astrology. Horoscope casting involves Astronomy and Geography along with required mathematical calculations while Horoscope analysis has its own systems and sutras.

Horoscope analysis has different disciplines like Parashari, Jaimini, Nadi & KP Paddhati etc. where each discipline has its own unique methodology but the ultimate goal is to derive maximum accuracy in predictions.

Key Point to be considered.
  • Geocentric Positions of Planets & Mean / True Nodes.
  • Each planet’s significations and its progressions.
  • Sign & exact degrees.
  • Direction of motion for each planet like Direct, Retro or Stationary.
  • Combust, Aspect & Conjunction
  • Mutual distance between planets.
  • The basic Lagna chart calculation.
  • Navamsa method.
  • Vimshottri Dasa System, etc.,